Sponsor a Child 

We currently have two opportunities to sponsor a child for next year's school year.

Below you can see how our sponsorships works. 

Screenshot 2019-07-14 13.53.16.png

These two children need sponsors as soon as possible! School begins in August and we want them to have the opportunity to begin their education this year. 

Contact Jodie Stoltenow at jstoltenow@sothfamily.org  if you are interested. 

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring  a child through“Ray of Hope” gives you an opportunity to make a difference if a child's life. With your sponsorship, Ray of Hope is able to help street kids have  opportunities such as:

  • an opportunity to attend school 

  • medical care

  • physical care

  • clothing

  • nourishing food

  • being mentored by a loving staff

  • and most important, hearing the gospel each and every day!  


​Sponsorships are available at three levels:
  • $25 a month or $300 yearly-you will join a team of four to support one child

  • $50 a month or $600 yearly- partner with one other person to support a child

  • $100 a month or  $1200 yearly- will sponsor one child

We need your support!