Our Partner

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations...” (Mt. 28:19). Global Lutheran Outreach enables Lutherans from any country in the world to serve as missionaries. Joe and Viya Stoltenow have partnered with GLO in establishing "Ray of Hope." 

Wherever God is leading someone to serve in missions, Global Lutheran Outreach is here to lend a hand:


  • to help identify a place of service

  • to help equip missionaries for service

  • to assist in developing their support network and channeling of gifts

  • to help with the logistics of relocation and with ongoing orientation 

  • to provide top-notch, ongoing missionary care, including training, language learning, medical insurance, and emergency evacuation.

  • to provide a stable, world-class 'home office' for missionaries


Whenever a Lutheran church or agency is seeking a missionary for a particular mission opportunity, GLO is here​:


  • t​o try to help locate the right person(s)

  • to offer guidance and lend a hand (as desired) to get the missionary up and running

  • to make regular support visits to assure healthy assimilation into their field of service

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