Names are not included due to government regulations protecting children. 

This special child is 10 years old and ended the year 1st in her class. She will advance to grade 5 for the school year. She lives in a lean to connected to a house. 

Please pray for her starting a new school and for her mother to help support the family. 


This cute little boy is a six year old who has finished his first year of school. His family moved into a 1 room home. 

Please pray for his health and to grow strong  physically, mentally, and spiritually.


This young lady is 11 years old and finishing grade 3.  She lives in a slum behind hospital with both parents.Her grandmother and an older brother with disabilities also live with them.


 Please pray for her as she starts a new school. Pray for her family and especially her brother who is not able to go to school or receive help

This young man is happy and smiling most of the time. He recently moved into a home with walls. He and his siblings sleep on the cement floor each night.

 Please pray that he doesn't get discouraged with homework. It can be a long day for him. Also that he would continue to be a great example to the new younger boys this year.

9 Year Old Girl

This sweet girl lives in a slum near the Sanger River. She lives in a large family with her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She is energetic and loves to try anything new with gusto!


She works hard in school but struggles with memorizing. She was able to pay grade one this year and is excited for grade two.


Please pray that her parents would take better care of her when she is home.  

9 Year Old Girl

This seven year old lives in a village on the edge of Battambang with her grandmother and older brother. Her parents live in Thailand working. They do not come home often and do not provide money for them to live.

She has made many new friends at Ray of Hope despite being very shy. Her favorite subject in school is Khmer and she hopes to be a doctor someday. 

9 Year Old Girl

This young man is 11 years old. He lives in the Chamka Somrong Village in Battambang, Cambodia. His father left his family last year.

He struggled with having homework this year, but has been working hard and learning so much. 


Pray for him to continue to stay in school and be a good example to the younger boys.


9 Year Old Girl

At 12 years old, this young lady has finished grade two and will start grade three. .

She studies hard and does well in school. She many responsibilities raising her younger siblings. 

We are thankful she has moved into a large abandon house with several families and is more protected now.  

 Pray for her to sleep well,  each night and be refreshed each morning for school.

9 Year Old Girl

This sweet little girl passed grade two and reads very well . She was very ill this year and it was discovered she has anemia.  

She now has Ray of Hope helping with regular doctor checks ups. She is finally feeling better and was able to stay in school enough to move up next year. 

 Please pray for her home life, that her parents are more responsible in their care of her. 

9 Year Old Girl

This boy lives in a village on the edge of Battambang with his grandmother and younger sister. His parents live in Thailand working. They do not come home often and do not provide money for them to live.

His sister is also a student at Ray of Hope and they are very excited to go to the same school together.

His favorite subject in school is math and he's pretty good at it as well. He enjoys drawing and painting. When he grows up he wants to be an engineer.

9 Year Old Girl

This little boy is seven years old and is a friendly with a nice smile. He lives with his parents and baby brother. Heng had started grade one before but his parents couldn't afford the uniforms. This year he finished grade one and will move to grade two. 


He lives in a small slum behind a hospital. His home consist of one room with a low ceiling and a platform for sleeping. It has no electricity, running water, or bathroom. All cooking is done outside. The walls are made of metal. 


Pray that his father can continue his job and find a better place to live. 

9 Year Old Girl

We are getting ready for new children starting in May. Check out our sponsorship page for more information.

9 Year Old Girl