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Ray of Hope Ministry Vehicle Project Begins- Help Raise $15,000.

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

A Truck Will Be Converted to Pick Up Children

A “tuk -tuk” is one of the most common forms of transportation in Cambodia. These two-wheeled carriages pulled behind a moto can hold between 4 to 6 people. Every day, the tuk tuk picks up children from their home, drives them to and from school and returns them home in the late afternoon. 

While it has worked for Ray of Hope's first year, it will no longer hold all the children entering the program next year. At current, Ray of Hope must also use bus and van service for teams and visitors coming to visit and serve. 

While many items in Cambodia are inexpensive, vehicles, gas, and electricity are often higher in price than in the United States. This makes owning a vehicle out of reach for most people and yet a necessity for a growing Street Kid's Ministry. 

A new vehicle is needed for the center because the current tuk tuk is old, breaking down, and doesn’t have enough space for our growing student base. What is needed is a truck which will be converted with a roof and side benches for the passengers.

The truck will be used for ministry purposes only, such as student transportation and volunteer pick up, and not as a personal vehicle for Joe and Viya Stoltenow.

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